Monday, December 20, 2010

See Spot.

Spot is the newest addition to our hybrid vehicle fleet. He was a "test mule" for Ford Motor Company. Please forgive his strange appearance. Automotive publications try to be the first to release photographs of prototype vehicles, and manufacturers go to great lengths to foil their efforts. Mission accomplished. This Mercury Milan Hybrid was used to gather information during the testing phase before it's actual roll out for public purchase. The amount of wiring, sensors and gauges found inside this vehicle is staggering. It was literally a rolling laboratory. But alas, newer models are now under development and Spot was no longer of use to Ford. But here at NMC's Automotive Service Technology department, we are fortunate to be able to give him a new home. And we are grateful to Ford for their generosity in allowing us to adopt him. In his retirement he will provide numerous opportunities for our students to learn skills that will make them valuable employees. And we, in return, will take good care of Spot.   

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