Sunday, January 16, 2011

At The NMC Energy Expo

The Hybrid Trainer Vehicle made it's first public debut this weekend at the NMC Energy Expo. The event was also the grand opening of the Aero Park Labs building right across the street from our facility. Because the car is only about 70% complete, we pushed it over there. It rolls very easily, so it was a very easy task. Turnout for the Expo was great, despite the snowy and windy weather. The first thing that attendees noticed was the light hum of the wind generator located in the front yard of the lab. I couldn't help staring at it, marveling at the concept of harnessing the energy of the wind and using it to replace the energy that would otherwise be generated by burning coal or wood. For a (short) glimpse of the trainer on the local news, check here.

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