Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Work Goes On - And On - And On.......

Work on the Hybrid Trainer Vehicle is pretty much on schedule. The "drive by wire" accelerator pedal has been mounted. Four of the eight computers have been installed; only the hybrid battery computer has been wired up so far. The wire mesh floor has been fitted and the hybrid battery cooling system is finished. The coolant pump for the inverter/converter is up and running; after the system was filled, we ran the pump for a few minutes to purge any air from the system. The brake system will be finished next week, as will the console. Then the real work starts: wiring everything together. All of the computers communicate through a network, so everything must be perfect. 
  I've been working anywhere from 12 to 14 hours per day at school lately in an effort to keep the work on the trainer on schedule while teaching my classes. It's starting to take it's toll. This weekend I'm driving down to Grand Rapids for a day of seminars at the Auto Value Tech Expo. It will be a welcome diversion for me. The morning class will be covering oscilloscope waveforms, followed by an afternoon class on Green Technologies as they apply to automotive applications. 

Accelerator pedal (no cable - just wires!)

Transmission controller
Console - lots of instruments to install here...

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