Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now That's Green!

  Our AntiPrius project is in the home stretch. Some background for those of you who just got here: The first NMC Hybrid Electric Vehicle class transplanted the components from a wrecked 2004 Toyota Prius into a tube frame dune buggy (aka sand rail) in an effort to build a vehicle suited for training purposes. Visible and physical access to all of the hybrid components is a key factor of the design. We have been tweaking the design of the vehicle for over a year, so it was finally time to disassemble it and send out the frame and some of the pieces for powder coating. Our current HEV class had the car down too the bare frame in less that 3 hours. I was quite impressed not only with their organizational skills but also with the way that they worked together as a group. Until today, our "trainer vehicle" has been in raw metal form. Constant wiping with light oil has held back the rust so far, but we needed a permanent solution. The powder coat provides a rock hard, easy to clean finish. And it doesn't look too bad, either! The original plan was to use a powder coat that mimics chrome plating (at least that was the claim). After seeing samples of the finish in person, it was obvious that nothing looks like real chrome unless it really is chrome! So the choice was made to go with a green finish. Not only is green part of the NMC logo, it represents the green thinking that embodies what the hybrid electric vehicle movement is all about - fewer emissions and using less fuel. 

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